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“In Philadelphia, everybody wants to be treated equally, A person should be able to be who they want to be. As long as they’re not infringing on someone else’s rights, then they should be left alone to endure their own freedom and rights. It’s just that simple.”

-James DeLeon

“My 2023 resolution is that I am allowed, as mayor-elect of this great city in which we live, to implement the plans and programs that I have developed that are aimed at helping Philadelphia reverse the ravages of the continuing trauma created by gun violence, generational poverty, substandard educational programs, health inequity, lack of meaningful and sustaining employment and career opportunities, the unanswered drug epidemic that has gripped our communities and made a wasteland of several of those communities, [and] the exponential increase in opportunistic violent crimes fueled by a pervasive lack of hope in our youth.”

-James DeLeon

James on IPO's

James DeLeon and His plan for Reform

Talks with Mr.DeLeon
Philadelphia's Gun Violence & Police Mistrust

Changing Philadelphia

Gun Forum

Philadelphia Police Officers

Government Contracts

Cambodian Victory Over Pol Pot Celebration 

MLK Drive


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